AccuStock™ Features

AccuStock™ has many design features to store as many reels into the storage system as possible and optimized to handle reels of all dimeter and thickness

Flexible shelving System

The AccuStock™ uses shelves to store reels so no pallet is need. The shelves allow storage of different size and thickness of reels. The shelving system can also be re-configurated to add flexibility to the system.

Stacking Input with Robotic gripper

User can stack up to maximum of 150 reels onto the stacker for input into the AccuStock™ ASRS. The robotic gripper (patent pending) can pick reel weight up to 2 kg.

Barcode scanning

An omnidirectional barcode scanner is used to scan 1D or 2D labels affixed to reel input from the stacker.

Precision Motion Control

The AccuStock™ uses the most advance servo motor for reel movement inside the silos to assure reels can be inserted into shelves arranged at minimum spacing to increase storage density.