Multi-Vendors, Multi-Configurations!

Not only is BarTector supports machines from multiple vendors, BarTector is also available for different machine types and configuration.

Turret SMT Placement Machine

Utilizes two high speed barcode scanners to read the feeder ID and slot location of the feeder table, BarTector verifies the part number during each picking action.

Gantry SMT Placement Machine

A miniature contact feeder ID is attached to each feeder. A reader is installed on the machine reading the feeder ID on each slot.

Through Hole Insertion Machine

Uses arrays of sensors to sense the present of each box or reel of components at each slot. Unique polarity checking mechanism (patent pending) to verify that the box is opened correctly before mounting onto the machine.

Screen Printer

Check for correct paste and stencil are being loaded onto the screen printer.