AccuLiFT™ Innovation in Fully Automatic Component Reel Storage System

AccuLiFT™ is an automatic reel storage system using the traditional Vertical Lift Module (VLM) design concept to achieve high storage capacity while minimize machine foot print. A person is no longer required to manually feed the reel storage system one at a time or manually load reel pallet one reel at a time. All the users need to do is to stack 30-100 reels onto multiple stacking units and the robotic arm will pick up the reels from the stackers and place them into the storage system. The storage system is designed with a double pallets in/out buffer for loading and unloading so while the robot is working on one pallet, the extractor will store and retrieve parts for the next pallet.

Maximum storage capacity of 8,300 reels of SMT component reels represents the highest density in component storage system today. Automatic barcode reader identifies each reel before it is put away into the system to maintain accurate inventory. Also included are Barcode label applicator on output side and Flexible software for MES integration. Users can drastically reduce component kitting time and still maintain inventory accuracy.

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AccuID™ is a SMT component reel barcode label reader. The system is a bench top unit that can read multiple barcodes in any orientation all in one frame. Base on the user defined prefix of each barcode or a script to parse any 2D barcode label, the system sorts the barcode into entities such as Part Number, Date Code, Lot Code and Quantity. User can also print barcode labels from the application.

The system come with basic function to output entities as a sequence of keystroke into users' existing applications. For more complicated applications, a user interface is offered to allow maximum flexibility to write to custom data base or to interface with MES and ERP systems.

AccuID™ is perfect for creating unique ID (license plate) label for placement equipment component verificaiton system and incoming label verification to minimize wrong label being applied onto reels of SMT component.

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Dr. Storage™

Dr. Storage offers the most diverse selection of Dry Cabinets in the industry. The latest Dr. Storage cabinets include cabinets drying at 1% RH, drying at less than 1% RH and baking at 60°C. Cabinets are plug and play so they are up and running easily and quickly.

Many cabinet series including F1, D1, and X2M are available from stock.

All Dr. Storage dry cabinets offer built-in data collection capabilities and optional data networks for collecting cabinet data and alarms to the central location.

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AccuEye™ Through Hole Parts Automatic Vision Comparative Inspection System

Low cost Machine Vision Inspection system for Through Hole Inspection. Automatic Comparative Inspection (ACI) for Top and Bottom side in one pass.

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BarTector™ - Verification, Traceability and More...

Component verification system to prevent loading of wrong part number the placement machine. We are the first in the industry to introduce component verification concept 10 years ago and continue to be the leader in this area. Our concept of open system allows users to customize data reporting or integrate with users' own MES or MRP Systems.

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